Suiter Luggage

A suiter luggage is a bag for holding a specified number of suits and used in

combination with other articles of clothing. Suiter luggage is generally carried by tourists and travelers on travels and tours. Today, the more popular luggage follows certain standard sizes as warranted internationally by public transport such as planes.

There are many type of suiter luggage. There is the small and lightweight carry-on type that one can carry into a plane. These often take the form of the simpler light-weight duffel bags or overnighters such as the ever ubiquitous garment bags. Apart from that, there is the larger-sized suiter luggage such as the expandable suiter trolley luggage that one usually checked- in at airline registration counters.

For those on longer business trips, it is important that their suits are well kept pressed, ready for immediate wear. It would pay for the seasoned traveler to specifically buy the two-suiter or the three suiter luggage in addition to the other luggage that they may have. Rolling ones for one or two suits have also proven to be very practical and popular. For those travelling by car, the hanging models are most appropriate. And for short trippers, a hand-held suiter bag, either in leather or garment would adequately do the job.

However, for those going on tours, taking along a suitable set of suiter luggage is a must. These can range from the elaborate designer labeled; color-coordinated suiter luggage sets to the plain robust budget sets.

Samsonite, Delsey, ZERO Haliburton,Tumi, Andiamo and Travelpro are popular brands known world-wide. Of these, Samsonite continues to be the industry standard bearer through the decades. Luggage pieces manufactured by Samsonite are considered the best and continue to lead in market preference. They are ergonomically designed, very versatile and modernistic in outlook, frequently reflecting contemporary style and fashion.

Moreover, suiter luggage types produced by Samsonite are easy to use. All sets come with clear instruction manuals particularly on their proper usage, handling and even maintenance and storage. Those purchasing the more elaborate models such as the upright and expandable trolley types will be able to use them with ease. Samsonite also caters for the needs of different classes of travelers. They have the high-end premium priced models and also the discount price budget units.